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Park Street, is a popular road within the city of Kolkata, India. The street runs through what was a deer park of Sir Elijah Impey, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Calcutta from 1773 to 1789, thus the earlier name. Its official name was given by Kolkata Municipal Corporation in honor of Mother Teresa. This road originates from Chowringhee Road and connects to Park Circus 7 stage crossing in a south eastern direction. The part of Park Street between Chowringhee Road and Mullick Bazar was one of the city's main attractions for years. Several important roads originate from/intersect in Park Street from the northward and southward directions, namely Russell Street, Middleton Row, Camac Street, Wood Street, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road towards the North. Park Street also intersects AJC Bose Road in Mullick Bazar crossing and finally goes to Park Circus from where other main roads like Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Darga Road. The Park Circus Connector begins and connects to popular areas like Ballygunge, E M Bypass and CIT Road. Park Street was a favourite recreation area for Kolkata folks since the British times.

With emergence of the IT industry in the country, a lot of IT job aspirants of West Bengal have rushed to Kolkata for IT education and jobs. Even before going for an interview, it is important to become job ready. In the IT field, Java is the most used programming language, and going through Java 8 training will give one a good edge in the highly competitive IT job world. IIHT has the first Java course in Park Street that offers Java 8. This is not just the first in Park Street or Kolkata but is the first in India. IIHT’s Java Training in Park Street gives hands on experience under top IT experts in well equipped labs. This is what makes it the best Java Institute in Park Street.

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The Java training in Park Street has well equipped labs, and IT experts for mentors to make you job ready with placement assistance helping place you in software companies anywhere in India including Bangalore.

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